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Customizing Process

Depending on what the piece is, each process is slightly different. Generally, every process includes photo editing using Adobe CS3 as well as hand drawn sketching.
Each piece normally starts with a rough sketch of what the consumer desires (whether from the consumer or in-house designing what the consumer desires.) Once a rough sketch is made, a template is made using Adobe CS3. Depending on how detailed the piece is there could be one layer of designing or multiple layers of designing. Each layer fits in integrally with the rest of the piece in Adobe before it is ever printed out. Once the template is completed, it is printed out and adhered to the wood. A drill press is then used to drill out the holes that are needed. Scroll saws are used to cut out the piece. The saws that are used are: DeWALT DW788 and a 214 Hawk scroll saw. Once the piece is cut out, wood glue is used to bond the pieces together for multiple layer pieces and pieces with raised and suppressed parts.

Choosing the wood:

Oak: The standard wood for any project is high grade oak. It is a strong hardwood that is not to difficult to work with. It provides the stability and durability for a long lasting piece of art that can be stained or painted any color to match almost any color theme.

Other woods that can be used:

Cherry, Pine, Purple Heart, Mahogany, cedar, ash, maple, sycamore, and anything else you can think of. If it is a light wood it is going to be very brittle. If it is a very dense wood, depending on how thick it is, it can be virtually impossible to cut through.

Driftwood: Driftwood is not a specific kind of wood. It is wood that is found in lakes or oceans that have been worn by the water and sand to give the wood a very unique texture that can be very beautiful. This is often used to carve scenery. Although very beautiful, it is very brittle and difficult to work with. Also, it is not possible to pick it up at a local hardware store.

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